Love your tree

23 February ’18 Love your tree

How many times in your life have you stood in front of the mirror, wishing you could look like… (fill in the blank)

We each contain our own unique spectrum of light. A light that shines brightly in individual hues like a diamond waiting to be polished. This light is made up of our infinite possibilities and forms of beauty that we were born to birth into this world.

It represents our unique expressions of love and kindness, our actions, our gifts, our untapped talents that lie dormant, yearning to be shared with the world; our passions, our soul’s unique purpose and a truth no-one else can live and speak but us.

When we study the magical neverending forms of beauty in nature, such as that of an Arabian desert, a moonlit night, a precious rose, a luminous sunset, the intricate pattern of a simple leaf or the magnificence of the Amazonian jungle, what do we see? Is the Amazonian jungle any less beautiful than a precious rose? They are each beautiful in their own unique way, no more or less. One is simply different from the other. We have forgotten that we are all just as diverse and magnificent in this unique way.

When the seed of an apple tree is planted, it never shames itself for being only a seed instead of a tree filled with apples. It does not compare itself to the other plants in the garden, and decide that it would rather be a rose instead! From the moment a seed is planted, its purpose is known, its intention is built-in, and it never wishes to be anything other than what it was destined to become.

What if we entertained the notion for a moment that we are all as beautiful as we need to be in order for us to fulfill our destinies? Like the apple tree, we too have the seed of our own purpose planted deep within our souls. However, we blind ourselves from seeing its magnificence, because we are too busy trying to become the prized rose instead.

Maybe you don’t need to look like a model to be of value to this world, be tall and thin to paint the world’s finest art, need flawless skin to make a difference in people’s lives, and have a fashionista’s wardrobe to make the world a better place. Perhaps, just perhaps… everything is, in fact, perfect, and you look exactly the way you were always supposed to, in order to follow your destiny and carry out your own version of mission impossible here on planet Earth.

What about love, you say? Do we all need to be magazine cutouts in order to be loved? Well, if this were true, the human species would be on the brink of extinction!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it takes a whole lot more than ‘pretty’ to cultivate true love.

There are people who love Picasso, others prefer a Rembrandt or maybe a Pollock. What about music? Do you go for Taylor? Adele or Coldplay? The point I’m making is that beauty is subjective, and there will always be people out there who will appreciate your form of beauty if you have the courage to be yourself.

We are all here with different lessons to learn. Perhaps the school of hard knocks had something deeper it needed to teach you, maybe there is a method to the madness after all. Maybe there is a deeper, less superficial reason you are here in this life, for there are nuggets of wisdom to be found in every experience we have. So, whether you were a beauty queen, a nerd, a bully or an outcast, embrace it, know it does not define you, and grab hold of what you do have with both hands and run with it.

I once heard a famous comedian on the radio talk about how her comedy evolved as a means to become more popular in high school. If she had been the pretty girl, she would never have discovered her inner resources, or her talent for telling jokes, and would never have become who she is today.

The world is made up of entrepreneurs, explorers, scientists, writers, musicians, counselors, accountants, environmentalists and everything in between. The world would never survive if we were all supermodels. We, of course, know this, but at times it serves to have a reminder of how diverse our world needs to be because this is the way nature was always intended.

So, love your tree, there is only one tree like you in the entire universe. It is the only one you will have in this lifetime and it is the greatest instrument you will ever own.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland.

We are all in the process of blossoming, maybe your tree is still germinating, maybe its beginning to sprout or maybe its already flowering. Wherever you are on your journey, be patient with yourself.. .. and please oh please don’t throw your beauty away wishing it could look like someone else’s.

For all of us are beautiful when we have the courage to become who we were born to be…

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