The Power of Breath for Beauty

14 July ’18 The Power of Breath for Beauty

Oxygen is the life blood of earth, and our most vital nutrient for the body. Did you know that seventy per cent of the accumulated toxins within our bodies, is actually released through breathing?!

YOGIS believe that when you extend your breath you extend your life.

So in light of the above, we believe this topic was deserving of its own heading, because this basic function, which we often take for granted, has the power to deliver amazing beauty benefits to our skin, nervous system, detoxification, humming hormones and even our body’s ability to burn fat! The benefits just go on and on, which makes this simple yet powerful action one of our top 10 for giving you back your right of radiance.

Think about the way your skin glows after a relaxing walk? This is because when we are relaxed our breathing gets deeper and slower, delivering more oxygen and circulation to the skin. Shallow breathing robs our skin of its glow and vitality, because carbon dioxide isn’t removed properly from our blood, which actually causes us to create more free radicals. In a nutshell, deep breathing will help slow the aging process.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is the ultimate aim, as this will pump our lymphatic system, which assists with detoxifying blood, promotes cellular regeneration, and helps to eliminate dull, blotchy or lackluster skin. Breathing at its best stimulates cells to repair itself, leading to luminous skin.

We believe that one of the most remarkable benefits to deep breathing is the ability to destress the skin,  and deactivate our body from the flight or fight mechanism, which causes our body to believe we are in survival mode.

According to Dr. Libby Weaver from her book “Beauty from the inside out” Deep diaphragmatic breathing has multiple benefits. It balances our hormones by reducing cortisol levels, but it also assists with weight loss. In each moment our body is deciding which fuel to use, and it can only choose two, glucose and/or fat. In essence, our bodies burn fat when it perceives that we are safe. Our brain cannot communicate this to our body, but our breathing can.

Shallow breathing tells our body we are not safe, but deep diaphragmatic breathing communicates that we are. It is a primal action of the body, to signal that we are not being chased by a tiger, so it makes perfect sense. So simple yet so powerful!

It also assists our nervous and adrenal systems, by restoring the critical state of calm. This in turn lowers cortisol levels, a hormone the body produces when we are stressed, which can wreak abosulute havoc on our complexions. Countless studies show that people who do some form of deep relaxation look younger than those who don’t, because it shifts the body from the production of age-promoting hormones, to calming, age-protecting ones.

We adore the way everything in our body is connected, and when our nervous system is in check, this in turn assists our body with optimal digestion, which is vital to the health of our skin.

Some ways to spice things up and deliver more air include:-

Pranic Breathing 

A technique that invites Prana (life force energy) into your body


We love yoga for the multiple benefits of movement, breathwork and meditation all rolled into one

Qi gong

An ancient chinese holistic system that incorporates body posture, movement, deep diaphragmatic breathing and meditation.


Lowers cortisol, balances hormones, connects you back to yourself and restores the critical role of calm.

Forest Walk

There are higher levels of oxygen and the benefits of being in nature, heal on every level.


The old saying laughter is the best medicine may actually have some truth, as it delivers more oxygen and has been proven to lower our immune system.

When it comes to breathwork the possibilites are endless, and we love the simplicity of such a simple practice, to create a profound shift that will heal every level of your being, and restore your radiance.

To your blossoming x


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