Spreading the Christmas Spirit through Soul-Care

28 November ’18 Spreading the Christmas Spirit through Soul-Care

Self care is a beautiful buzz word we encourage everyone to embrace. It truly is wonderful that women are choosing to honour themselves in this way, but I feel that self care doesn’t need to be just about the body. We can take this deeper, and extend this further than just pedi’s and mani’s and massages, because we are so much more than just our outer shells, we are also our hearts, our minds and our souls.

For me the phrase soul-care feels more fitting, because it offers an invitation to nurture, care and feed our entire being, with the ultimate aim of personal connection that brings us back to ourselves, to the essence of who we truly are, beyond the veil of our outer shell, truly connected to our radiance.

Some recent reviews of our products have deeply humbled me, from beauty blogger, Tilly Martinez, to documentary film maker Chanel Trapman, it seems in these modern times, women are full to the brim, shouldering an ever growing list of responsibilities…. but sadly what we can lose amongst all the chaos, is ourself.

For these women, I am so delighted to say that our Awakening Serum has offered them an awakening that extends beyond the skin, and this is exactly what we set out to achieve here at Thalia.

To create products that become a catalyst for connection back to ourselves.

We provide women with offerings that invite a way back … a way for women to carve out precious moments utterly devoted to themselves.. to plant you back into the moment of now.. provide an opportunity to pause and hit the reset button… to breathe in and reconnect to the magic of nature…. Ultimately bridging a connection back to our own truest nature.

Because beauty is not a look it’s a feeling, and your truest beauty is being yourself.

As the silly season is now upon us, we must reach for small ways to feed and care for our souls. It’s not about the time but the intention behind it that matters.

Perhaps it’s a moment to massage our goodness into your skin, while embracing yourself with a loving thought or repeating our provided affirmation. Maybe it’s cupping your hands, to deeply inhale and weave a sensual feast of nature into your being. Or perhaps personal connection comes in the form of a deep and meaningful conversation, a sunset, a meditation, a yoga class, a candle, a cup of warm tea or a kiss.

Creating your soul-care routine is simple, just follow those lovin feelings, allow pleasure and joy to take front and centre. They are your your inner GPS… always there to guide you back home.

We encourage you all to embrace the spirit of Christmas, through kindness and connection, but more importantly through the rituals of reconnection to yourself. This is our special Christmas message to you.. If you feel peace, love and joy within, you will effortlessly shower those you love with that so cheesy Christmas cheer!

To your blossoming xx

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