Rites of ritual

1 March ’18 Rites of ritual

Ahhhh… That elusive quest for beauty. The neverending search for that magic bullet that delivers the lucky recipient that ethereal glow.

What I have discovered is this: Women are not seeking beauty per se, they don’t want to be wallflowers, what they want is that glow. You know – the one where you light up a room, the one that’s magnetic, that emanates warmth, the one where people don’t notice your beauty, what they notice is your radiance.

Radiance, however, cannot be confined to a magic bullet. Radiance can only shine from within, from having a profound connection to ourselves. It shines through a woman who honours herself, who fills up her own lovetank and allows it to overflow onto others, it’s the beauty that sings from her soul when she is turned on, tapped in and lit up from within.

We’re all gifted with a special radiance that yearns to come through us. It doesn’t come to us, it emerges through us. When we take exquisite care of ourselves, our natural radiance begins to appear. We begin to light up and Glow. This is in my opinion, the catalyst to Radiance.

Sometimes I feel that self-care can be taken out of context because it is often only referring to our physical self. To me self-care is not just about our physicality, it is not just about pedi’s and mani’s and massages.

Self-care is not about vanity, it’s about love.

It’s about honouring our wholeness. Taking the time just to be, feel, go within, and reconnect to your essence once again can have a tremendous effect on our feelings of wellbeing. This, in turn, radiates through our skin.

Self-care may at times feel like an elusive concept, like many things that are good for us, amidst the chaos of our busy lives, we find it difficult to prioritise. It can easily become yet another item on that long list of things ‘to do’. As a mother of young children, I truly understand how difficult this really is. However, I also understand that the less time we have, the more we are in need of self-care.

As women, we are often operating from a depleted space. We are the givers, the nurturers, the caretakers, and our daily lives are often filled with the practical aspects of everyday life. Feeding hungry mouths, ensuring your children’s needs are met, that their clothes are clean and the house is tidy. We strive with the energy left over to give our partners a little love, to have connected conversation, a date night and dare I say some nookie!

If we are not mindful, we end up running on an empty tank, resentful and bitter from all our giving, choosing to see those we love most as burdens we must carry, instead of the precious gifts they truly are. The gas mask metaphor springs to mind, because we cannot truly be there for others if we are not prepared to be there for ourselves. If we are tired, drained and burnt out…

I invite you to honour yourself through a Rite of Ritual.

A Rite is a solemn and sacred ceremony.

A Ritual is an act with intention.

Allow your Rituals to become actions of self-love.

It’s about kicking vanity to the curb in pursuit of pleasure. It’s about carving out small slices of time just for you, that gives you permission to deeply honour every aspect of your well-being.

It does not matter how much time you spend, but the intention you put into it. Anything you feel benefits you, may constitute a Ritual, even simple acts such as drinking a hot up of herbal tea in the morning, washing your face or taking a bath. Intention has the power to transform, and when we consciously place it behind our daily rituals, it allows us to open to even deeper levels of pleasure and connection, that nourishes our body, mind, heart, and soul.

Rituals give you permission to cherish and treasure any given moment.

Begin by creating small Rituals in your life that produce big feelings. If it doesn’t feel good, joyful, fun or pleasurable, even if you think its good for you, let it go. On a good day, this could be something that brings you sublime states of bliss. On a bad day, this Ritual could be something that brings you comfort, such as a warm bath, a bowl of your favourite soup for the soul, or throwing a soft blankie over you while you curl up in a ball and cry.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one. In a nutshell, I feel better about myself, and I’m a much nicer person/wife/mother when I treat myself with care. Give yourself permission to be nurturing, be your own mother, there are no rights and definitely no wrongs. Perhaps light a candle to mark the beginning & remember to thank yourself at the end.

Here are some Rites of Ritual that bring me back 🙂

  • This may sound silly but deep restorative sleep for me is essential. I always aim for at least 8 hours.
  • Waking early to savour the stillness.. and savour every last mouthful of coffee in sweet silence!
  • Drinking a daily cup of warm water, infused with lemon, apple cider vinegar and a dash of honey kickstarts my digestive system and alkalises my body.
  • Spending time in nature brings me back to my own true nature.
  • Listening to my fav tunes always shifts my energy and lifts me out of a funk.
  • Reading a book I can’t put down thrills the pants off me!
  • Carving out time to write and ponder my many philosophical musings is my very own version of therapy.
  • I adore inhaling the scent of my beloved oils.
  • New experiences open my mind to new possibilities.
  • Trips to the theatre, a concert or a gallery are great for my glow.
  • Deep heartfelt conversations create the connections I crave.
  • My beloved Yin Yoga classes are my pathway to peace.
  • Meditations that open my heart fill me with the warm fuzzies.
  • At least one dinner party a month, I cherish sharing delicious food and a wee bit of wine with friends.
  •  The practice of gratitude.
  •  and of course my good old blankie…

Now its time to hear yours…


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